Process Mapping is an essential communication tool for doing the right thing, the right way at the right time. Make it visible and train people!

This service is perfect for teams or individuals to get a running start on how to:

  • Document details of repeatable tasks
  • Establish the best practices for scalability
  • Clarify information or material hand offs
  • Investigate and correct common error points
  • Prepare for onboarding or process changes
  • Work on processes remotely or in person

The Value Walk takes process mapping to the next level with measurements and other data that drive your business layered on top of how things are done.

If you’re ready to shine a bright light on your current systems and gain rapid headway on improvements and building capacity, this service provides:

  • Visual representation of an entire revenue path
  • Pin pointing 8 forms of waste and bottlenecks
  • Gathering data and analysing key metrics
  • Finding up to 45% more space in your layout
  • Customized, practical improvement action plans

Do you have a strategy and vision that needs an objective subject matter expert to weigh in, help hash out all the details and bring it over the finish line?

I provide Lean driven Training and Consulting for complex, cross-functional improvement projects. These service options include:

  • Moving the needle quickly on stalled initiatives
  • Custom Lean workshops and presentations
  • Robust training and onboarding development
  • Aligned and effective cross-department processes 
  • Evidence based risk assessments

“Angela is very resourceful with existing tools to help organizations be successful. She goes to the root of a problem and shines a light on the most impactful areas for improvement.” 

Rose Dalrymple, VP Operations HGC

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From my experience mapping many hundreds of processes, from black and white technical systems to subjective people centered communications, here are some of the immediate benefits:

  • Reduces the learning curve for training new people
  • Provides the foundation for systematic testing and many more analysis tools, including risks and hazards.
  • Quickly uncovers false assumptions that cause confusion or rework
  • Gets people unstuck when they can SEE what comes next
  • People focus on the process rather than blaming others 

Process Mapping Starter

A collaborative session to get a process draft in hand.

Great for starting to lay down the details of your vision in visual form so you can improve and train.


  • 90 min total remote mapping time
  • Working together to lay down the key details
  • “Current state” map draft (+ one revision)
  • High level waste and flow recommendations

Process Mapping Single

Designed for detailing a workflow for one person or small team working on a similar task.


  • 120 min total remote mapping time
  • “Current state” process map drafts (+ one revision)
  • Presentation and working copy of process map 
  • Detailed waste and flow analysis summary
  • 45 minute “future state” process map draft session

Process Mapping Multi

For a process that crosses multiple groups or systems with more complexity.


  • 180 minutes of remote mapping time
  • Detailed “current state” process map drafts for each separate team workflow (+ two revisions)
  • Combined workflow “swim lane” map
  • Presentation and working copy of process maps 
  • Effective flow and waste reduction strategy report
  • 90 minute “future state” map drafting session
  • Presentation copy of future state map


Example of a time and motion study on a box printing machine!

The Open Field PI Value Walk is ideally suited for manufacturing, assembly or industrial service companies in full operational swing.

This problem solving approach goes a step further than process mapping by weighing factors like time, movement, distance and output.

If you want to see more of these things happening below, this program can help you get on track quickly and reestablish your best practices:

  • Customers satisfied with lead times & leaving awesome reviews
  • Less mistakes, rework or scrap
  • People doing what they are supposed to rather than doing workarounds
  • Organized and spacious environment with consistent document control
  • Overcome communication mishaps that cause balls to be dropped
  • Clarity on the most useful data to collect
The Value Walk is designed to be an objective and thorough but fast way to jump start your business improvements to take you to the next level.

Value Walk Assessment

A numbers driven review of one end to end revenue stream focused on finding the highest impact areas to start saving resources and get running more effectively.

Great for a quickly growing small business where things are starting to get too chaotic but you’re not sure about the best place to start.

This will provide a very clear picture for you so you reduce the risk of wasting time or money on the wrong issue.


  • Full day of data collection and interviews as needed to get as much info as possible.
  • ‘Current state’ revenue stream diagram (+ revision)
  • Clear and simple 30 minute presentation on findings

Value Walk Strategy

This package is for teams who want to know all their high impact improvement points but also want some help building a solid action plan.

The strategy portion establishes practical future goals and targets and sets out a clear action plan.

The longer you wait to fix a problem the more expensive and complicated it can become. I can help you find and clear your day to day challenges.

Get started today!


  • The full Value Walk Assessment package PLUS…
  • 120 minutes of team mapping on the ‘future state’ 
  • Future state revenue stream map diagram
  • Step by step action plan for moving forward on one key improvement project

Value Walk Implement

You want to bring a your improvement project to life with expert facilitation and technical support.

After defining the issues, creating your action plan and identifying anything that might get in your way, we’ll get started on implementing the changes you want to see.

We’ll also set up ways to motivate, measure and monitor the change to avoid backsliding.


  • The full Value Walk Strategy package PLUS…
  • 24 hours of facilitation, change management and troubleshooting support broken down into manageable time slots for one high impact area.
  • Includes training and staff support on best practice
  • An easy way to track results and sustain the gains (like a success scoreboard)

Are you curious to know what kinds of questions a process detective would ask your team to start uncovering real savings?

You are invited below to access my 8 Wastes Assessment for free! If you wish, I will carefully review your answers and respond with any insights that I have.

By signing up for this tool, you will also receive a valuable process improvement tip once a week in your mail.

Does your business make things?

Does your business OFFER A SERVICE?

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Open Field Process Improvement is here to help you successfully work through complex challenges and change in your operations or special projects.

I meet clients exactly where they are and don’t try to impose one size fits all solutions. My goal is to help teams clear obstacles to doing their best work.

This often involves staff retraining, highly effective communications and avoiding going off the rails with a solid project plan and risk assessment.

  • Fixing malfunctioning multi-department process communications
  • Risk Assessment (FMEA) before a making a big change
  • Getting stalled or totally sideways projects back on track 
  • Training and visual work instructions on new technical systems
  • Practical, accessible application of Lean training
Workshops start at $395 for a two hour session.
Lean Layouts, 5S, The 8 Wastes. Gemba Walks, Inventory Control and more.