Building Systems that Work for People

Building Systems
that Work for People

I work with small but mighty manufacturers and industrial service providers to advance by building capacity and clearing obstacles from the ground up.

I will find and fix the source of commotions, complaints or communication problems so your business can get on with serving more happy customers!

What are systems that work for people?

Healthy systems and processes are easy to follow, support people in doing their best work everyday and make it simple for customers to work with you.

They are like an invisible hand holding a container that guides people to do the right thing, the right way at the right time while encouraging creative problem solving.

When processes and systems are aligned what people need and how they learn and think, work flows to customers with ease.

Angela, your Process Detective, will find an easier path out of the woods.


Frequent unexpected problems

Customer complaints

Always rushing to finish

Staff not following guidelines

Cramped and messy work spaces

Work has to be redone

Harder every month to meet demand

Project gone sideways


Confident team solving the issues

Glowing reviews and referrals

Less overtime and stress

Motivated to do things the right way

Clean and organized work stations

Consistently high quality

Increased capacity for more jobs

Get back on track now!


Clarify expectations of what to do

Improve quality and lead time

Streamline work flows

Align and retrain on best practices

Implement a Lean 5S system

Visual quality and process guides

Find & improve the bottleneck

Hire a process detective.

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Curious about 5S? Flip through the steps!
From your computer to a giant warehouse, this method is tried and true.